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1917 (2019)

Nu sunt un fan al filmelor de război. De cele mai multe ori ceva din construcție mă dezamăgește. Am fost foarte plăcut surprins de 1917, un film despre curaj, prietenie și puterea motivației, totul pus pe peliculă la nivel de artă, cu actori și replici de mare valoare.

I sat in a packed yet silent theater this morning and watched, what I believe to be, the next Academy Award winner for the Best Picture. I’m not at all a fan of war movies but I am a fan of great movies….and 1917 is a great movie. I have never been so mesmerized by set design and direction, the mass human emotion of this film is astonishingly captured and embedded magically in the audience. It keeps running through my mind…the poetry and beauty intertwined with the raw misery of war. Treat yourself….see this movie!

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This film is overwhelming. I have nothing further to add, other than the compelling need for eternal remembrance to those who sacrificed their lives in any way, we can not fathom. We, citizens of any country, today, should feel ourselves lucky and blessed to exist. A Happy New Year to all. George from Hellas. NB: do not give it a second thought; watch it; even if this genre is not your cup of tea. After all, it is much more than a feature film. It’s a massive dedication to unselfishness. Do yourself a favour and watch it. And then watch it once more.

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Our Souls at Night – Sufletele noastre noaptea (2017)

📽️Despre viață dar mai ales regrete si singurătate într-o lume fără grija zilei de mâine unde totuși, preconcepțiile, frustrările și traumele nasc multă durere pe care doar timpul și bunătatea o mai pot atenua.🎬

Truly amazing when ‘shot callers’ decide to team up and make a picture that is not jammed down your throat – and allows your heart to settle in with the story. Great story, acting, directing, lighting – a great lesson for those interested in making films – honest films. BRAVO to all involved!!! Audiences of all ages can enjoy this film – if given a change. Don’t let the simplicity of the film cause you to ignore it. Sit down, relax, put down your phone and other gimmicks that numb you out to tasting the wonderful thing called life. Ya gotta do it.

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El faro de las orcas – Farul orcilor (2016)

In Patagonia. a mother. her son. a stranger. and a cure. the whales. and a beautiful state of soul. because it is one of rare films escaping to definitions. it is well acted, it has a beautiful script and a provocative subject. short, it is one of trip – films . not only in a magnificent region of Argentina but in the middle of feelings, emotions, expectations, hopes and transformation, step by step, for each character. in the point when the viewer becomes one of them. short, an admirable work. about basic, fundamental things.about forms of solitude. and about future.and, sure, about a meet changing everything.

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Having flown into Argentina several times, piloting,I found this an entirely new experience in geography, landscape. Never thought I’d see such difference from the pampas, in the beauty of Patagonia, and especially the ORCAS. Most of all the character developments, sensitivity so true to these great writer’s composition. Something within it expresses happenings in most all of us, I think. Hal Bingaman


L’isola delle rose – Insula trandafirilor (2020)

This is a beautifully written, acted and directed little gem. It is very funny, sweet, intelligent and light. The design production and photography are particularly beautiful, colourful, a bit surrealist, reminiscent of Fellini’s style. Very enjoyable.

IMDB ue-53660

The majority of critics have no clue about the significance of the events carefully crafted in this truly Italian opereta. I was 18 when this happened and it looked absolutely insane looking at this from America. Fortunately I speak Italian and actors are just fantastic. I will give special credits to Francois Cluzet, one of my favorite French actors. The events are those that happened that year of revolts in France and elsewhere, while this engineer Rosa makes the impossible to pass the same message with technology.

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All I See Is You (2019)

I think the low reviews come from people who enjoy action thrillers with over the top plot twists. This is a movie about human nature, explored in a very unique way. How would your life change if you went blind then could suddenly see again many years later after moving on with life? This is not a faced paced film, but instead hooks you in with beautiful details, a constant subtle suspense, and a unique filming point of view. Blake Lively is captivating and says so much with little words. Completely underrated and unappreciated. Open you mind, and eyes, and give this film a go.

IMDB left_us_silent

It is a really good thing that I don’t implicitly trust the raw IMDb average review score of a move before deciding whether to see it or not.

This was an excellent movie, made unique specifically by the fact that it wasn’t the typical feel-good, everything is explained in the end, cookie-cutter Hollywood drivel! It seems too many viewers today are looking to disengage their brain and be spoon-fed a story-line where all character arcs are complete and all questions answered – sad really. I appreciated the fact that this movie allowed us to view a complex and dynamic relationship, and afterwards do our own critical thinking and take some personal meaning away from the story.

I’m also particularly amused by the hypocritical puritan nut-jobs who lambasted the film by judging Gina’s actions as a negative commentary on the entire female gender – get real people!! The intent is a realistic story setting, and in reality humans actually do have sex and are fallible (have affairs/become jealous). If you are looking for a perfect (but unrealistic) fantasy world depiction … stick to Marvel comic movies 🙂 However, if you like being engaged with an intense and realistic story that demands some thinking by the viewer (and beautifully set in Thailand), you won’t be disappointed.

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