Revista documentarelor care m-au impresionat

Our Planet – Planeta noastra (2019)

Un documentar senzational despre planeta noastra, spectacolul vietuitoarelor si al habitatelor dar si despre ritmul accelerat de degradare a ecosistemelor care le sustin.
„Pe tot globul, legaturile vitale incep sa fie perturbate.
Stabilitatea pe care ne bazam noi si restul vietuitoarelor se pierde.
Ceea ce vom face in urmatorii 20 va pecetlui soarta tuturor vietuitoarelor planetei.”

From the majestic narration to the incredible shots of nature and landscapes to the huge amount of information about Our Planet that is given to us, this documentary series never failed to impress me and is the best Netflix documentary series I’ve ever seen.

IMDB Rognajj

Transalpina Drumul Regilor (2016)

De o frumusețe care te lasă fără răsuflare, Transalpina e mai mult decât o șosea spectaculoasă. Vechimea drumului care leagă Transilvania de Ţara Românească se măsoară în milenii. De-a lungul timpului, a fost pierdut şi redescoperit de mai multe ori, dar păstorii l-au cunoscut dintotdeauna și l-au străbătut cu turmele lor, în ciuda granițelor trasate de stăpâniri trecătoare. Filmul propune o călătorie pe drumul de care și-au legat numele mai mulți regi, dar și pe sub pământ, pe căile pe care umbla zeul Zamolxis, și prin cer, unde, pe vremea uriașilor, s-au petrecut întâmplări care au dat numele munților și văilor. Într-o transpunere cinematografică de excepție, fascinația de-o viață a regizorului pentru poveștile pe care le ascund râurile, iezerele, crestele munților, văile și peșterile trec dincolo de fapte și date istorice, evocând însuși spiritul locului.

MARS – Sezonul 2 (2019)

Noul sezon MARS, sezonul 2, dezbate sub forma unui documentar problematica urgenței climatice și a industrializarii in contrast cu un scenariu/film fictiv al colonizării planetei Marte

With the Emotion and Sad surprises within this episode, brifly felt my spirit soar around Mars it-self, for a Few Instances and felt myself smashing into the Martian Dust.
If you love this type of Documovie, then go make a Brew, Sit back, Relax and Bing eatch the Two Seasons. It’s a little slow after the first episode, though it does reel you in.
I came across a comment, someone whom I have to believe typed before thinking, Has they said,…” Would be better without all the Political BS” ?
To the comenter, Sadly, We Humans are still at a point where Bureaucrats and Political BS goven ever part of,… Not just your life, but everylife you’ve known.
They will go on to do so as long as we don’t Evolve our Hearts and Minds, in otherwords, Sir.
We are all still children and will go on as such,… Until we put aisde our DDifferances and Start to work together as one.

IMDB Alienmoon

You should watch it indeed. Educative? Yes. Thrilling? May be not good enough ! Yet !

This new series has definitely caught the attention of millions of people, I believe. As a National Geographic Series, it’s obvious that the series is scientifically accurate. And the adventure part is really intriguing. Everyone will enjoy these parts. The Mars environment, the astronauts looks really awesome. I would give it 8.0 based on that.

Wait, there’s more to it. The series has the decades-long history behind Mars Exploration. Who, where, how, why – all things are there. The documentary lovers like me will definitely appreciate this part for sure.

Overall, I would suggest everyone to try the show. It really does showed the struggles of the astronauts/ relevant people in these explorations.

Thanks to National Geographic.

However, I think sometimes, they are showing too much history. Most of the times, it’s okay. But, I do not really understand why you have to go into history, when a dramatic „tension” moment is building up. It really change the mode of the audience. After all, it’s a adventure/sci-fi drama, right? not a history documentary?

All in all, although I loved the history part here, my overall rating would not go beyond 7.0, for bad timing of the history parts.

Good luck 🙂


Hot Girls Wanted (2015)

Bani, sex, libertate? Care sunt asteptarile unei fete de 18 ani?
Un documentar care patrunde in industria filmelor porno si dezvaluie necunoscutul din spatele camerei. Pentru 3-12 luni fetele noi venite in industria porn fac rapid multi bani pentru ca apoi sa dispara din peisaj. Una din protagoniste povesteste ca a castigat 25000 din care a ramas cu 2000 atunci cand a trebuit sa se retraga.
A meritat? Spuneti voi 💸

Dacă asta se întâmplă într-o țară unde veniturile sunt peste media globala iar securitatea si drepturile sunt bine respectate, putem doar să ne imaginăm ce se întâmplă în restul lumii, unde traficul de persoane si industria sexului au luat proporții înfricoșătoare

Din comentariile de pe IMDB:

„And that’s the central dilemma here: How much responsibility do we place on young women to be accountable for all their free choices? The tone here suggests a mixed bag, dependent on the circumstances.

There is definitely an unspoken, Feminist finger being pointed at ‘institutions of male power’ here, who ‘seek to manipulate women for sexual gratification’, yet the women make A LOT of cash for their troubles. And as should be well known by now, women make a lot more than men as performers in this industry. Feminists watching this would be careful to invoke the ‘wage gap’ myth lest the reasoning be turned against them, for example. But, when society sees a woman ‘giving’ away her chastity so easily and having sex with many people, it suggests the woman is hurting herself. When a man does the same, he is hurting other people. This is patently sexist in itself, implying that women are not capable of making decisions for themselves or being self-reliant enough to learn from said mistakes.

An average film which raises very important questions about female agency and male sexual desire.”

„I don’t get it. The negative review (as of May 30, 2015) confused me. Someone from outside the porn industry does not have „the right” to make a documentary about it? And Rashida Jones is extra unworthy because she grew up with money and successful parents? We’re still talking about producing, right?

It would be one thing if it was ABOUT what people from outside the industry thought, or if their points of view were interjected, or if opinions–which could have ONLY come from the subjects anyway–were cherry-picked to push an agenda, but it was the complete opposite of that. IT WAS 100% OBSERVATIONAL. IT JUST SHOWED THE SUBJECT MATTER, AND LET IT DO THE TALKING. If you didn’t like the documentary, it is because you didn’t like what the subject matter said, not because of who produced the freak’n film.”

„Rashida Jones, daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton (Mod Squad) decides she wants to make a movie about girls being suckered and duped into porn. The promise at the end of the rainbow is fame and fortune. Well if everyone had Hollywood laid out for them on a gold platter, then I think yes, Hot Girls would not be needed. News Alert!! Everyone wasn’t born into a career that would make them rich or wealthy. As much as these Hollywood legacies like to say they worked for everything they got, I have news for you, their road was paved for glory from the jump (and I know this for a fact). Some girls need to be Hot Girls to make it in this tough world we live in. It would come across much better if an ex-porn star made this movie; at least more sincere and credible. The coup-de-grace was seeing Katie Couric’s interview on the net. She soft-balled Rashida, and didn’t pose the question – What gives you the right?

And my statements aren’t a slap in the face of the girl in porn who is trying to get out of porn; nor are they a slap in the face of the girl addicted to drugs in porn; or against those fighting porn. America promotes the dollar, stating, ‘make it any way you can.’ This is a democracy, built on capitalism and we are responsible for our actions. This deception or embellishment of the job happens in many jobs and careers. Of course, the resulting career or job usually isn’t porn, so the cost isn’t the same, but still, the rules are the same. Most people take jobs out of necessity. Jobs rich people would not ever have to take.”

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